What To Eat From The Trenchermen’s New TrenchBar Menu

Photo: Galdones Photography

We’ll never forget our first TrenchBar; it was the spring of ‘17, near the Somme, and out of nowhere Captain McVicker, deuced resourceful chap, pops up with a full bar straight out of the Savoy! Made a ruddy good pink gin, drove the Jerries mad to see us enjoying them… meanwhile, at The Trenchermen in Wicker Park, the Sheerin Brothers and their partners have made a few alterations since you last were there, removing the booths in the bar area and replacing them with high-tops to gain a little space (and make it a little more, you know, bar-like) while adding a new bar beverage and food menu which debuted last night. The former was easy for mixologist Tona Palomino, the latter was a bit more of a challenge for the Brothers Sheerin because everything had to be, well a Trenchermen take on the thing. Like chicken soup. They thought about chicken soup for winter. But it had to be a Trenchermen version of chicken soup. So they played with it, and fiddled with its concept, and their version of chicken soup turns out to be… pastrami ramen. Ramen noodles in a peppery porky broth that tastes like a pastrami sandwich. Anyway, there are similar feats with everything from a burger to chicken rillettes (which are, somehow, fried chicken rillettes) to a croque madame with housemade mortadella in it. Check out the menu for both beverages and food below.

Trenchermen bar beverage and food menu