Man Fatally Shot at El Sereno Taco Truck; Silver Lake Deliveryman Killer Gets 77 Years

Crime and punishment
Crime and punishment Photo: AlanCleaver/Flickr

More crime, and even a little punishment today, in the city’s fast-paced food scene. On Sunday morning, a 27-year-old man sadly succumbed to his wounds after being shot on Saturday night at a taco truck on Huntington Drive in El Sereno. Angel Serna Mancilla reportedly got into an argument with another man, who pulled out a pistol and shot Mancilla while he ordered his food, before fleeing the scene in a white sedan. But where there’s random violence, sometimes there’s also justice. The Eastsider spreads the word that Jose Beltran, the alleged gang-banger who shot and killed Garage Pizza deliveryman and El Chavo employee Juan David Vasquez Loma in August 2011, was sentenced by an L.A. Court on Friday to 77 years in prison for the crime. Hopefully, there may be similar justice for Mancilla as well. [ESLA; LAT]