Subway Sued for Short Footlong Sandwich; Glass-Tainted Six-Inch Found in Canada

"We have a case!"
"We have a case!"

Two brave New Jersey men who are clearly not afraid of pursuing justice at any price have announced they’ll sue Subway for compensatory damages because the chain sometimes sells eleven-inch sandwiches that are routinely advertised as “Footlongs.” The plaintiffs are also asking the fast-food giant to stop claiming its sandwiches are twelve inches in length so people don’t get the wrong idea. Lawyer Stephen DeNittis explains that one of his clients has “measured sandwiches from 17 area shops and not one has been 12 inches long.” This is just like Erin Brockovich!

Meanwhile, the chain’s six-inch subs are in peril elsewhere: A 3-year-old in Ontario swallowed glass and suffered cuts in her throat and mouth after allegedly consuming a turkey sandwich purchased from Subway that was filled with “several pieces of glass, some as big as half of a pinkie fingernail.”

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