Party With State Bird Provisions and Bar Tartine Chefs, Via the Commonwealth Club

State Bird Provisions on an average night.
State Bird Provisions on an average night. Photo: FoodNut

Next month the Commonwealth Club is doing a two-part event called Craft to Table featuring two chef couples who are running noteworthy S.F. restaurants and doing a lot of DIY ingredient making: Bar Tartine’s Nicholas Balla and girlfriend/ production manager Cortney Burns; and Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krazinski, the husband and wife behind State Bird Provisions. First, on February 13, there’s a panel discussion moderated by San Francisco Magazine’s Sara Deseran. Then, on February 17, there’s an optional Part 2 which is a cocktail party at State Bird Provisions where the chefs get to show off some of their stuff. Ostensibly, the question to be answered is, “Do creativity and craftsmanship outweigh the high costs of an all-DIY operation?” But really this is mostly an excuse to get into State Bird without a two-month wait or an hour in line. Get tickets here, and fast. [Inforum via Eater]