Sonagi Korean Replacing Dae Sung Oak

Sonagi Photo: Joshua Lurie

Sonagi is set to open any day now on OIympic Blvd., serving prime cuts via table-side barbecue, as well as a menu Korean dishes that are rooted in the country’s traditional cooking. Replacing the worthy Dae Sung Oak, Sonagi’s menu will include dishes like junbok dol gui (sliced abalone) served on a hot stone, seafood, vegetarian, and kalbi bibimbap, naengmyun (cold noodles), and a sampler of jeon, among other dishes. The restaurant is also among those taking part in dineLA’s Restaurant Week, offering a $25 lunch and $35 menu starting January 21.

Sonagi Korean BBQ, 2585 W. Olympic Blvd. Koreatown; 213-973-9292.