31 New Restaurants and Bars to Look Forward to This Winter and Spring

A pretty dish from the upcoming Hillside Supper Club in Bernal.

Between projects slated for 2012 openings that didn’t hit their deadlines and projects we’ve only just heard about in the last few months, 2013 promises to be a busy one, yet again, for restaurant and bar openings around the Bay. There are eight new and interesting projects on the immediate horizon in Oakland and Berkeley, continuing the trend of the East Bay’s growing importance in the food scene. And the first half of the year will also bring (at least) 23 new destinations to the city proper, two of which are expansions of East Bay brands (Gather, and Caña). But thankfully for those nervous Valencia merchants tired of all the new food they endured in 2012, most of this opening activity will be outside the Mission.

And yes, a few of these are places that were in our fall preview, but which have been delayed. And so it goes.