Santa Monica Gets All Emotional About A Denny’s

Denny's Photo: CortneyMartin82/Flickr

People apparently have pretty deep emotions when it comes to chain diners like Denny’s and Norm’s. Following The L.A. Times’ report this week that both location of these restaurants had been sold to a developer in Santa Monica, the Vintage L.A. blog called the move “tragic” on Facebook, setting off a record-setting firestorm of comments both praising and damning the diner chain. The response drew a counter-protest by the site, urging Alison Marino to clarify that her tears were hardly over early bird specials and Hobbit menus, but with the city’s current state of over-development. “It’s not about losing Denny’s that’s got me in a huff,” Martino bites back, “it’s about over building, creating more traffic and greed!!!!” [Patch/Facebook]