With Booze, Rex 1516 Looks to Double Its MANNA Contribution

Former Rex 1516 chef Regis Jansen
Former Rex 1516 chef Regis Jansen Photo: Rex 1516

A few weeks ago we mentioned that Rex 1516 was donating proceeds from each Snappy Pamplemousse cocktails it sells to MANNA. The month-long fund drive was prompted by the restaurant’s chef, Regis Jansen, abnnouncing that he was stepping down due to his ongoing battle with Cystic Fibrosis. MANNA has, and continues, to support the chef in dealing with his illness. So far, sales of the cocktail has have raise upwards of $500 for the organization, which provides daily nutrition for people living with life-threatening illnesses. With just days left until the drive’s over, Rex 1516 is looking for charitable drinkers to help them double the number of contributions. At $10 a glass, they only need to sell about 50 more Snappy Pamplemousse cocktails to reach their goal.

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