Red Hook Businesses Are Still Struggling to Reopen After the Storm

The scene outside Fairway after the storm.
The scene outside Fairway after the storm. Photo: Hugh Merwin

More than two months after Hurricane Sandy, the Times checks in with Red Hook’s food businesses that haven’t yet been able to reopen. Owners of the Red Hook Lobster Pound have encountered a string of unexpected obstacles and expect to be open by Valentine’s Day. Despite a successful fund-raising campaign, Sunny’s bar is coming back together piecemeal thanks to a crew of volunteer carpenters and tradesmen. And the owners of Home/Made note with optimism that residents of other neighborhoods are coming to Red Hook to spend money, but owner Monica Byrne says “it’s not nearly what we need at all.” At the end of Van Brunt Street is Fairway Market, which brought 3,000 shoppers to the neighborhood on a daily basis before the storm. Owner Howard Glickberg says the reopening will cost the company $10 million. “We want to open as quickly as possible,” he tells the paper. “All the local businesses say we’re a linchpin.” [NYT, Earlier]