The Rare Barrel, a New All-Sour Brewery, Coming to Berkeley Later This Year

The team: Jay and Brad Goodwin, and Alex Wallash.
The team: Jay and Brad Goodwin, and Alex Wallash. Photo: East Bay Beer

A new brewery is headed for West Berkeley called The Rare Barrel (937 Carleton Street), and it’s the project of a young barrel-aging specialist, Jay Goodwin, who formerly worked for beer-geek-famous Orange County brewery, The Bruery. The plan is to do a line of all aged, sour beers of various types, experimenting with different spices, fruits, and barrel types, and to open a tasting room with light snacks and several taps sometime later this year, as Eater finds out. They’re actually brewing the beers at another, undisclosed facility (what the geeks call “gypsy brewing”), and doing the aging and bottling on site at the new space in Berkeley. These beers need to spend anywhere from six months to three years in the barrel, and so far the team (which includes Goodwin’s father Brad Goodwin and sales guy Alex Wallash) has got 205 barrels going, with space for up to 1,500. [Eater, East Bay Beer]