Racquet Club Gives Vespers the Boot

Light 'em up, Vespers.
Light 'em up, Vespers. Photo: iStockPhoto

Seems as if the smoke has cleared in that beef between the Racquet Club and the Vesper Club that we mentioned a couple weeks ago. And in the latest turn of events, it’s looking like the Vesper’s members will enjoy the liberty of blowing smoke wherever they want now. That’s because the Racquet Club, which has been housing the displaced private club since they were forced out their own home in 2012, has given them the boot. It leaves the historic, and once prestigious club homeless for the first time since it was founded back in 1901. Insider reports that the Vespers issued a statement to members last week, stating that they would no longer be welcomed at their newly adopted, and newly smoke-free home in Center City. There’s no word yet where the club will spring up next. [Insider]

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