Produce From The Plant Now For Sale at the Logan Square Farmers Market

Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

When we took a tour of The Plant, the sustainable vertical farm in the Back of the Yards neighborhood, one of the hitches the guys growing things faced was that the city was making it tough to legally sell their food, based on the issues surrounding other aspects of the building’s ecosystem that fed it… which is to say, poop from fish. It’s okay to feed plants poop if it’s first passed through a large factory and been bagged, apparently, but fish straight to soil was another matter. As Anthony Todd reported a couple of weeks ago, those hurdles seem to have been overcome, and as Mike Sula reports today with some gorgeous pictures, you can now buy greens and mushrooms at the Logan Square Farmers Market. (Which is to say, they’ve gone from one dilapidated early 20th century Chicago building to another, since this time of year, the market’s in the Congress Theater lobby.) Anyway, a bowl of Plant plants, per Sula:

It’s almost a shame to even dress it with oil and vinegar, as it’s a riot of distinct flavors and textures in each bite: peppery, buttery, crunchy and tender, from meaty purple-veined leaves to feathery wisps of greenery. They taste like they were pulled from the dirt on a sunny, late April morning.