Pouring Ribbons’ Joaquín Simó Was a Religion Major

Pouring Ribbons.
Pouring Ribbons. Photo: Pouring Ribbons

Former Death & Co. bartender and Pouring Ribbons partner Joaquín Simó doubled up on English and religion at Boston University, and says detailed readings of old and sacred texts left him particularly well-suited for his job in a time when drinkers want to know the historical details of their gin or the minutiae of distilling rum. “That was all exegetical work and all the parsing of diction and all of the stuff that got drilled into me when you’re reading 1,000-1,200 pages a week and condensing that,” he says. “That really paid off professionally and allowed me to get better at taking large amounts of complex information and rendering it accessible.” We’ll drink to that. [Food GPS]