Rodelio Abbot and Frank Fonda’s Pizza Pizzeria Coming To Redondo Beach in Spring

Pizza Pizzeria: "Respect the Dough"
Pizza Pizzeria: "Respect the Dough"

Everybody seems to be banking on the fast-serve, assembly-line pizza racket these days. Everyone, that is, except Adam Fleischman, the very dude who introduced it to L.A. at 800 Degrees. The latest concept to trot behind his heels? The redundantly named “Pizza Pizzeria,” coming from The Pilot Light Group, a new conglomerate launched by Food Buddha Rodelio Abbot of Yi, and Koi, and the former BLT Steak corporate chef, with Napa Valley Grille and Cafe del Rey vet Frank Fonda (both chefs worked together at The Parlor in Hollywood), and partner Charlie Candelas, a former operations manager with Darden and Wolfgang Puck’s empires.

The chefs will oversee a selection of 10” personal pizzas with customizable ingredients, cooked in a stone oven in under three minutes, and selling for about six-dollars, as well as salads, pastas, beer, and wine. The chefs claim intimate familiarity with Italian pizza-making tradition and expect it to translate into a unique, authentic spin on the flying pizza genre through an organic flour dough Pizza Pizzeria’s PR rep says Fronda has been working on for years.

The first of three locations coming this year will open in Redondo Beach this spring, with current projections eyeing a May debut. The business will then target “lifestyle centers” in SoCal’s suburbs, which we’re pretty sure means malls. Until then, it’s already got a fledgling website to consider.