‘Pizza Goat’ Owner Arrested for Sexual Assault

Cocoa likes slices.
Cocoa likes slices. Photo: ReporterLeslie/Twitter

A 51-year-old man best known for commuting into the city with his Alpine Pygmy goat named Cocoa and eating pizza at restaurants has been arrested for sexually assaulting a 19-year-old girl, Intelligencer reports. Last November, Cyrus Fakroddin allegedly approached a “physically and mentally incapacitated” 19-year-old girl outside an unnamed Manhattan club. Police say Fakroddin brought her to his Summit, New Jersey, house in his van and assaulted her; the victim woke up hours later with no memory of how she got there, then called a friend and sought medical treatment. Fakroddin was arrested on Wednesday and is in jail. It’s not known if Cocoa the goat was present when Fakroddin, who works as a reproductive toxicologist for a pharmaceutical company, picked the girl up on the night of November 17; last year, however, he boasted that his pet was a “chick magnet.” [Intelligencer, Earlier]