Petar’s Calling It Quits After 53 Years in Lafayette

This very old door is shutting for good on Saturday.
This very old door is shutting for good on Saturday.Photo: Courtesy of Petar's

Petar’s Restaurant and Lounge in downtown Lafayette, which opened in a nearby location in 1959, is shutting its doors after service on Saturday night, January 5. As Diablo reports, the 53-year-old (and therefore obviously old-school) haunt with a popular dancefloor on weekends has been well loved by “everyone from St Mary’s co-eds to 50-something married couples,” but rumors of its demise have been swirling for years. The lounge has played host for the last 26 years to local legend and “karaoke-DJ-emcee” Diamond Dave Hosley, and hopefully he’ll find a new venue to ply his trade. (He says on his site that he’ll be moving “somewhere,” but he will do two last sets at Petar’s on Friday and Saturday. There are now rumors of some “big-name restaurateurs” looking at the space, which is across the street from a popular location of Chow, but they’re only rumors for now. [Diablo]