Paul Shoemaker’s Juicy Lucy Now Serving Nitro-Injected Cheese Burgers and Sriracha Fries to Downtown

Juicy Lucy burger with Sriracha cheese fries
Juicy Lucy burger with Sriracha cheese fries Photo: Javier Cabral

Despite previous reports that it would debut on Tuesday, chef Paul Shoemaker’s new burger joint, Juicy Lucy, is now open and serving the Taste food court at Figat7th in Downtown. Named for those Midwest-born burgers that tuck the cheese into the meat, Juicy Lucy is the former Bastide and Savory chef’s first step into the world of fast-casual concepts. Vapor oven-cooked burgers are the focus here, centering on market produce toppings and grass-fed beef from Santa Ynez that gets nitro-injected with Shoemaker’s handmade cheese fondue, a blend of three cheeses. Checking in on Lucy, we saw a small crowd gathered to order beef burgers and their turkey counterparts, along with aguas frescas and the Sriracha cheese fries you see above. Check out a few more shots of the restaurant’s look and food offerings, and the full menu, down below.

Juicy Lucy
Juicy Lucy Photo: Javier Cabral

Juicy Lucy, 735 S. Figueroa St. Downtown.

Turkey Burger with Fries
Turkey Burger with Fries Photo: Javier Cabral
Lucy's Counter, with pina agua fresca
Lucy's Counter, with pina agua fresca Photo: Javier Cabral


All Burgers Come with Lettuce, Tomato, Caramelized Onion, Pickles & Aioli

Juicy Lucy $10
*a burger with the cheese inside of the beef, rather than on top

Double Juicy $15
2x the Juicy Lucy Beef

Turkey Burger $10
Mary’s Farm Turkey, Avocado, Whole Grain Mustard

Hamburger $9.50
All Beef

Double Hamburger $12.50
2x All Beef

MP Chef Burger
Daily Market-Inspired Burger

Fresh Cut Fries
$3 Sea Salt Fries

$4 Sriracha Cheese Fries

$2 Seasonal Agua Fresca

$2.50 Bottled Drinks

$5 Vanilla

$5 Chocolate

$5 Mixed Berry

$5 Salted Caramel