Patricia Yeo Joining Big Bowl And New Asian Barbecue Concept


Six months ago our Boston editor ran a story announcing that Patricia Yeo, then at Moksa in Boston and best known for season four of Top Chef Masters, where she was one of the final four, was leaving that restaurant (and that city) to take “a really good offer in Chicago, a corporate position. I’m getting too old to work in a kitchen. It’s more development, more creative.” It took many more months but the announcement finally came out last week— Yeo has joined Lettuce Entertain You’s Big Bowl in a corporate chef position under Executive Chef Mark Bernard, where she’ll work on recipe development and expansion for the pan-Asian chain, as well as for a new Asian barbecue concept which the company is working on. As The Braiser notes, this comes somewhat ironically after Yeo was one of the detractors of fellow cheftestant Lorena Garcia, best known for her work for KFC.