Pasadena Losing The Royce

The Royce
The Royce Photo: The Royce

The hemorrhaging of admired local restaurants tragically continues. Eater reports that The Royce is the latest victim of fine-dining phobia, with plans to call it quits on January 26. The restaurant is the legendary Langham (née The Huntington) Hotel’s attempt to reboot its dining room following the departure of strange bedfellow Michael Voltaggio, who left the hotel’s Dining Room at The Langham to open ink. after racking up major post-Top Chef kudos. David Feau, the gifted French chef and vocal foie gras activist who ran the restaurant with meticulous tasting menus, is splitting with the property. Which probably makes sense, seeing as the high-end restaurant is reportedly being re-imagined into an American steakhouse concept, with a debut expected in late February.

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