Rangers Fan Beaten at Geno’s Files Suit Against His Assailant and the Bar That Served Him

More problems, more money.
More problems, more money. Photo: iStockPhoto

Just when you thought it was safe to be a Flyers fan again, a whole new round of drama is opening up that stems from the brutal beat-down a New York Rangers fan suffered in front of Geno’s last year after the NHL Winter Classic. Neal Auricchio, the New Jersey police officer and Iraq war vet who took the beating, is filing a civil suit against his confessed and convicted attacker, Dennis Veteri. According to the Business Journal, he’s seeking compensatory and punitive damages from Veteri. But in a new twist, Auricchio also names South Philly Bar & Grill in his complaint. Just prior to punching and beating the off-duty officer, Veteri settled up a hefty tab at the bar. Lawyers for Auricchio say that means SPB&G; violated Pennsylvania’s liquor liability law, which prohibits bars from serving those who are visibly intoxicated. Here’s hoping the fighting stays on the ice this hockey season. [PBJ]