And By The Hunt, We Don’t Mean ‘At the Supermarket’

Photo: courtesy Next via Facebook

We wonder how comfortable some people, whose idea of hunting was shaped at an early age by Bambi (as ours was), will be with Next: The Hunt. Because part of its point seems to be to drive home that the Michigan childhoods of chefs Dave Beran and Grant Achatz were in a culture that was closer to the source of its food than city folk are— specifically, it was right down the barrel of a rifle from it. And there’s a pretty big political divide right at the moment between the America that grows up with guns and the America that’s freaked out by that. And… Next looks like it may wade straight into it, to judge by this image posted at Facebook of house videographer Christian Seel making a video of chef Beran in the field with a rifle. Are Next diners prepared to confront a reminder that sometimes food is killed by those who eat it, not merely by a conveniently out-of-sight industrial system? We’ll see. [Next via Facebook]