Fox News Crew Covering NBA Sexual Assault Case Gets Decked Outside of Delilah’s


A Fox 29 cameraman took a beating last night outside of Delilah’s while following up on the story of the alleged sexual assault at the Four Seasons that roped in Brooklyn Nets forward Andray Blatche. According to the network’s local affiliate, reporter Chris O’Connell and cameraman Dave Edwards were shooting video outside of the Delaware Avenue strip joint, where Blatche and his entourage reportedly picked up the alleged victim early Tuesday morning, when a man wearing a Delilah’s shirt came out of the club and told them they had to leave. As stated in the report, he then attacked the two. The melee landed Edwards in the hospital, and his attacker was hauled off to jail. He’s now facing charges of simple assault and vandalism. [myfoxphilly]