What Can We Call ‘Two-Buck Chuck’ Now That The Price Is Changing?

Bid adieu  to "Two-Buck Chuck"
Bid adieu to "Two-Buck Chuck" Photo: Kables/Flickr

Big news in bargain belligerence this weekend, as Trader Joe’s announces a 25% price-hike for its notorious best-seller, Charles Shaw wine, better known to the wino-world as “Two-Buck Chuck.” The company cites increased costs as the reason for this 50-cent spike in the price, with only California stores guaranteed to be affected by the change. Somehow, it’s hard to see this really mattering to the budget-conscious consumers of Fred Franzia’s infamous wines. Much more concerning is what we’re going to call the stuff now.

A “Swift Two-Fifty Kick to the Kidney,” perhaps? Eh. We tried. If you’ve got something better in mind, the state’s discount drinkers could really use your suggestions for a solid new nickname in our comments.

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