Bauer Loves Wakuriya in San Mateo Even More Than Before


Mr. Bauer last visited the eighteen-seat, Michelin-starred Wakuriya in San Mateo two years ago (Mandy Erickson first reviewed the place in 2009), and he says he hasn’t been back since because tables are as hard to get as at the French Laundry. He says the $95, nine-course tasting menu (the only option) is “the deal of the decade, considering the care and quality of the preparations.” He loves all of chef Katsuhiro Yamasaki’s delicate dishes, especially the sashimi and an “extraordinary triad” of appetizers served together: lotus root, rare duck breast, and a trout salad with Japanese mountain potatoes and Brussels sprout leaves. All told, he ups their rating to three stars, and also compliments the serenity of the dining room, and the way hostess and server Mayumi Yamasaki seems to “float rather than walk from table to table.” [Chron]