Michael Bauer Nearly Died, Twice, Over His Holiday Break


So, S.F.’s own critic of record, Michael Bauer, had not one but two very close calls involving small planes in the Midwest during his annual holiday trip to visit family (in case you were wondering where his Sunday review has been). He tells the harrowing tales on the blog today, and he sounds a bit shaken up by the pair of near-death experiences — one involving a small plane taking off out of Dallas that was on a "collision course" with a larger plane trying to land, and another as he was flying out of Guthrie airport in Oklahoma when his plane had mechanical problems and had to make an emergency landing. In both cases he survived to tell the tale, and he says, "Thoughts of what I might like for my last meal definitely did not come into my consciousness as we hovered 3,500 feet above the ground." [Between Meals/Scoop]