Just Don’t Call His Juice ‘Addictive’

Melvin Major Jr.
Melvin Major Jr. Photo: Melvin's Juice Box/Facebook

“I was probably 22 years old when I decided to finally work. Before that, I was in a total, total different lifestyle. I was street drug dealer, crazy lifestyle. Never liked it, but it’s something I went through, I guess. What made me change was I wasn’t really raised that way. I was raised on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Big farm. Fishing community. So it was just stuff that I’ve never seen before. So once I came up here [to New York], I got caught in the negative parts, maybe just to fit in or something. Once I realized it wasn’t it, which wasn’t that long, I just went and got me a job. Did the right thing.” —Miss Lily’s Melvin Major on how he got started in the juice game. [First We Feast]