Maui & Sons Bar & Grill Wipes Out in Hollywood

Bagged it bro!
Bagged it bro! Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Let’s face it: A Hollywood Boulevard sports bar named for the Maui & Sons brand probably would have been a bigger success back when nerds were vengefully taking their stand against jocks while the rest of us were speeding our parachute pants back to the future in a nuclear-powered DeLorean. Alas, the party spot concept, which dropped in on the Egyptian Theater nearly two years back under Sunset Entertainment Group’s Chris Breed and a descendant of the surf gear company, has served its last “Bodacious Taco”, crashing on the brutal shore-break of Hollywood Boulevard and closing its doors. And speaking of restaurants opening in a timely fashion, the space is already being claimed by a ramen shop, which sounds about right. Hopefully, the fact that someone put a bag over the head of the former lease-holder (as seen above) says nothing about their aesthetic inclinations.