Matt Levin Exits Square Peg [UPDATED]

Matt Levin
Matt Levin Photo: Collin Keefe

Looks like Matt Levin has left the reservation. And by reservation, we mean Square Peg, where he’s been holding down the kitchen and turning out an all American inspired menu since the restaurant opened last March. Eater says the chef confirmed his departure, but other than that is remaining mostly tight-lipped about it. A rep for Square Peg’s owners Barry Gutin and Larry Cohen are equally mum on the subject, so it’s hard to determine if the split was amicable. Once a critic’s darling, Levin’s stardom began waning when his lowbrow aspirations at Square Peg garnered just one bell from the Inky’s Craig LaBan, who had previously awarded three and four bells for his work at Adsum and Lacroix. In that dismal review, LaBan lamented Levin’s downward spiral from “gastro wunderkind” to “junk-food savant.” [Eater]

Update: Levin broke his silence via Twitter. He says: “Yes I have left square peg. It wasn’t fun cooking the same food anymore but I wanted to stay with Larry and Barry so I’ve decided to go to back to Brûlée Catering where I’ll reunite with Jean Marie Lacroix. I will get to be creative again and work with high end ingredients. I’m a passionate cook and can’t wait to create some of the best food this city has seen again!!!