Matt Biancaniello Teaching Trippy Cocktail Tradecraft at K&L Wines, May Take-Over Hump Days at Cliff’s Edge

Biancaniello Photo: Lesley Balla

Bartender Matt Biancaniello is truly one of a kind, with his farmers market-driven cocktails making use of arugula, aged balsamic, and fresh herbs, and drinks sporting such stuff as foraged bay leaves and emu eggs. Nonetheless, the former Library Bar leader (and potential Cliff’s Edge guest star) is offering to share his secrets next Thursday at K&L; Wine Merchants in Hollywood during two classes concentrating on “culinary cocktails.” Biancaniello will take a small group of drinkers through the process of making four wine-based beverages, with a step-by-step walk through the ingredients, many of which he’s foraging himself. Yes, you’ll learn how to make a candy cap mushroom-infused byrrh with white peppercorn-infused honey and cream made from foraged wild sage, but you’ll definitely be on your own next time you’re looking for all the ingredients. The seminars and tastings are priced at $20, with .

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