Suspect in Beating Using Mamoun’s As His Alibi

"Great sandwich."
"Great sandwich." Photo: aturkus/Flickr

Smack in the middle of crowded MacDougal Street on Sunday evening, a six-member gang clubbed, and nearly killed, a 24-year-old man. Police said that a chest-bump between the crews started the fighting, and they’re looking for suspects. One of their leads is Hatem Farsakh, whose group of friends is captured on video footage attacking the victim. But Farsakh is denying that he took part. “I was eating a falafel sandwich at Mamoun’s — you guys know Mamoun’s? Great sandwich,” he said after turning himself in and posting $5,000 bail. He claims that he came out of Mamoun’s, saw the fight, and tried to break the guys up by “slapping them on the face.” One of his friends, Sharif Rizk, has been charged with attempted murder. The victim remains in critical condition. [NYDN]