Get Your Pies Now: Lucali Will Close Again

Headed south.
Headed south. Photo: Melissa Hom

After John Del Signore of Gothamist triumphantly polished off a thin-crust pie and calzone at Lucali last night, owner and pizza man Mark Iacono approached and dished out some bad news table-side: The acclaimed Carroll Gardens restaurant will once again close for a somewhat unspecified amount of time. Iacono, who has been planning a branch of Lucali in Miami, closed previously in October to do renovations. An estimated month of work took six weeks. This time, he may as well leave the brick oven burning: “I might be down there ten days, I might come back after one day,” he says. Iacono’s plans for Lucali in South Beach include combining the pizzeria with a full-service Italian restaurant. Just to be on the safe side, go get your pizzas this week. [Gothamist, Earlier, Related]