City’s Bars and Beers Make Up For the Fact That Our Sports Teams Stink

We'd totally tap that!
We'd totally tap that! Photo: Collin Keefe

Though the gods of professional sports championships have mostly forsaken our city of late, through their mastery of drinking arts, it seems our barkeeps are making up for those shortcomings in spades. Hop Sing Laundromat, the mysterious Chinatown cocktail lair headed by single-name-only Lee just scored some righteous ink courtesy of Details. Citing the deep, 1,000-bottle-plus inventory, and the “enigmatic and always cuff-linked owner,” the magazine ranks it among its fresh-off-the-printing-press “Best New Bars in America” list.

In terms of beer, we appear to be on a roll, too. Draft magazine gives it up for a bunch of our finer watering holes in its “America’s 100 best beer bars: 2013.” Monk’s, Grey Lodge, and Memphis Taproom all get nods on that list. And finally, Alpha Male of the Group places the city and its deep-seated beer-drinking culture at number three on its “10 American Cities that Brew the Best Beer.” Though not at the top of the list, at least we’re not Cleveland.

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