Local 1205 Slips Back To ‘B’ Rating on A.K.

Local 1205
Local 1205 Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Local 1205, the Abbot Kinney market opened by The Otheroom-team in Venice, is suffering ongoing peaks and valleys when it comes to its health department grade. According to Yo! Venice! the business saw its A-grade slip to a B-grade last summer, before cleaning up its act to regain the A in October. However, the restaurant fell back to its B-rating status recently, served violations for, among other things, improper thawing and cooling, and minor disrepair and cleanliness issues. Of course, some of our favorite KTown restaurants also rock B-ratings, but well, this ain’t one of them. And considering the place recently started slinging oysters from a raw bar, as well as its, premium prices, it just might not be long before that 80% mark sings out like a Scarlet letter. After all, this is still a trendy street where appearances matter.