Now a Twelve Year-Old is Going to Cook You Dinner

"It could use a little more applesauce!"
"It could use a little more applesauce!" Photo: iStock Photo

Just a reminder here: Kitchens are still dangerous places full of sharp knives, intense heat, and temperamental egos. With that in mind, are we the only ones who find this new trend of little kid chefs kind of disturbing? Following news that fourteen year-old Flynn McGarry is cooking at BierBeisl, today Eater reports that twelve-year old chef Jack Witherspoon will be cooking a $45 menu at Chez Melange in February. It’s really cool that this little guy has so much ambition and a truly admirable goal of raising funds for cancer research. But really, how far are we going to push this whole thing? We admit, food media is always fairly age-obsessed, what with all those “30 under 30” and “40 over 40” lists. But the way this trend is headed, will we even be surprised the day someone just sticks a wooden spoon in an infant’s hand, serves up a few jars of Gerber’s, and calls the whole thing a pop-up? Please Bravo, just turn this kiddie chef sensation into a reality show already where it belongs.

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