Drake’s Cakes Reportedly Sold to Little Debbie

Going to a good home.
Going to a good home. Photo: drakescakesonline.com

The bittersweet balkanization of a once-grand carbohydrate empire continues today with the news that Little Debbie will reportedly buy the Drake’s line from the bankrupt Hostess Brands for $27.5 million. That line includes Yankee Doodles, Yodels, Devil Dogs, Coffee Cakes, Funny Bones, Ring Dings, Pound Cakes, the Pop Tart–esque Pick-m-Ups, and Sunny Doodles. Last week, it was reported that the manufacturer of Pabst Blue Ribbon had made a bid for the line of Hostess Snacks that includes the iconic Twinkies and Sno Balls line; Bloomberg also reported yesterday that United States Bakery would likely bid for a number of the bankrupt company’s bread brands. It is thought that the maker of Tastykakes will emerge as the high bidder for Wonder Bread, another Hostess property. [Bloomberg, Earlier, Earlier]