Your Salad May Be Making You Sick

Justify your carb intake.
Justify your carb intake. Photo: Steven Mark Needham/Corbis

Lettuce and leafy vegetables are the biggest sources of food-borne illnesses in the country, sickening over 2 million people annually. So listen to Meat Hook co-owner Tom Mylan and stop hating on medium-rare burgers. Produce foods, which include vegetables, fruits, and nuts, rank high in contamination, too. But even though the pathogens found in poultry don’t seem to be as threatening, they tend to be deadlier. Wonderful. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has increased its testing for salmonella and such, but let us lecture you for a moment: Both washing your hands before you cook and separating raw meat from fruits and veggies will reduce the spread of viruses in your home. Or you could just eat sandwiches instead of salads to avoid getting sick. [Earlier, WSJ]