Perrier Further Distances Himself From Le Bec Fin

Georges, Georges, bo-borge, banana-fanna fo-forge…
Georges, Georges, bo-borge, banana-fanna fo-forge… Photo: uwishunu

Looks like the honeymoon is over for Georges Perrier and the new owners of his once mighty Walnut Street manor, Le Bec Fin. Honestly, we never got the impression that there was any real love there to speak of anyway. Nonetheless, Perrier has made a move to distance himself further from the restaurant he founded. He’s requested that his name be removed entirely from the operation. As a nod to the chef, Nicolas Fanucci rechristened Le Bec’s subterranean Le Bar Lyonnais as Chez Georges when he took over last year. It’s now going by Lebar, the Insider reports. Apparently Perrier believed the name was too close to his present business endeavors. [Insider]

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