La Scala Stops Diana Ross In The Name of Seating Policies

Diana Ross
Diana Ross Photo: RobertScoble/Flickr

Beverly Hills’ La Scala is not one to be starstruck. Still, it failed to show due reverence to a queen among divas this weekend when it stopped Diana Ross from sitting before her daughter arrived to dine with her. The singer would not be kept hanging on, however, and sat down anyway. A manager then explained to The Supreme(s) Leader that you can’t hurry lunch and said she wouldn’t be served if she bucked the rules, resulting in a reported fit from the superstar. Owner Gig Leon tells The New York Post, “We treat everyone the same whether you’re famous or not.” Normally, we agree with this brand of equal treatment for celebrities, but come on, this is the voice behind “Baby Love” and Dorothy from The Wiz we’re talking about! [NY Post]