Juhu Beach Club Finds Space in Oakland’s Temescal

Mistry at work.
Mistry at work. Photo: Courtesy of Preeti Mistry

After a space in the Mission fell through this fall, Juhu Beach Club chef Preeti Mistry set her sights across the Bay to another food-centric neighborhood: Temescal in Oakland. As Tablehopper reports, Mistry has inked a deal for the former SR24 space at 5179 Telegraph Avenue, across the street from Pizzaiolo, Dona Tomas, and Bakesale Betty. It was just about a year ago that Mistry landed the Mission location, and sixteen months since she shuttered her SoMa lunch pop-up on 11th Street. Juhu Beach Club will be serving Mistry’s signature mix of Indian flavors in witty twists on street food dishes, like chicken curry tacos, fenugreek fritters, vada pav with ghost pepper sauce, and shrimp “po’Bhais”. [Tablehopper]