Join Chicagoist and the Ghosts of Bridgeport Restaurants To Benefit Benton House Tomorrow Night

Kevin Hickey goes Back To Preschool!
Kevin Hickey goes Back To Preschool! Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

Here’s a cool event we’re overdue in mentioning, organized in part by our friends at Chicagoist. Benton House is a community center and social service agency in Bridgeport with a century-old history of helping the community with programs from feeding the hungry to day care. It has a cool set of vintage buildings which got that much cooler last year with the installation of booths and stools from the legendary Ramova Grill (it also has stuff from the equally legendary Healthy Food Lithuanian restaurant). And tomorrow night, a bunch of cool chefs will turn out for an event similar to those put on by Soup and Bread, in which your suggested $10 donation gets you soup, bread, and who knows what other goodies they may turn up. Who are the chefs? They include Bridgeport natives Kevin Hickey of Allium (who went to preschool at Benton House) and Mark Mendez of Vera, as well as local present-day restaurateurs including Jason Vincent (Nightwood), Art Jackson (Pleasant House), Daniel Sarkiss (Zaytune), Bridgeport Pasty Co., Bridgeport Bakery, and lots more. Chicagoist has full details, including why you won’t have to wait in line in the cold, here.