Chef Jamie Bissonnette Can Really Eat

Bissonnette, with Stephanie Izard.

Cassandra Landry of the Boston Phoenix heads to Hong Kong to meet up with chef Jamie Bissonnette, who reveals between bites that he was a straight-edge vegan teen, a former MMA fighter, and a once-restless Hare Krishna. The pair set off on a fact-finding (and eating) mission through the city’s night market stalls, then headlong into piles of preserved mustard greens, bowls of hot broth, steamed buns, sliced scallions, lotus leaves, sun-dried gallbladders, and lots of lap cheung sausage. All of this just makes us in New York super excited to welcome Bissonnette, who is opening an outpost of Toro with Ken Oringer in West Chelsea any day now. [Phoenix, Earlier, Related]