Irv’s Burgers May Be Fighting For Its Life…Again

Irv's Burgers
Irv's BurgersPhoto: Irv's Burgers

While the fate of Henry’s Tacos still hangs in the balance, a West Hollywood restaurant that was saved from the wrecking ball in 2004 after earning historic landmark status is again being pressured to move. Irv’s Burgers owner Sonia Hong claims she’s been threatened with rent increases that are designed to force her to move the 62-year-old burger stand she bought in 2000, that remains the only surviving example of Route 66’s old roadside restaurants in L.A. Irv’s shares its lot with an incoming Thomas Schoos-designed cafe. Hong tells We-Ho Patch associates of the project are making the threats, convinced the businesses’ owners want to turn her family business into their “own mini-Johnny Rockets.” Meanwhile property owner Steven Bohbot insists he wants to incorporate the burger stand in any new design and will not make it vacate the place. Still, the concerns of The Hong family are real enough to draw defense from West Hollywood mayor Jeffrey Prang, who wrote a letter to Bohbot pleading the family’s case and urging him to “allow the Hongs to continue to operate their hard earned family business.”

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