Weed Candy Warning Comes With Instructions For How It’s Made

Atsa nice…
Atsa nice…

There’s a new scourge on our streets, and in addition to making Portlandia reruns a little funnier, and Taco Bell’s Doritos tacos a little more loco, it has parents in the burbs freaking out. It’s being called weed candy, because it’s, like, candy made from weed, and although the little green lozenges have been making the rounds in these parts for quite some time, Action News reports that the law enforcement community in Upper Merion is just getting hip to it. And while police are issuing warnings to parents about the dangers it presents, Action News delivered a crude recipe for the menacing candy in its report.

On its website, Action News posted:

“The individuals will grind down the marijuana, and they will mix that with vegetable oil. And then they will strain it and take the extract and mix it with corn syrup and sugar and form little candies,” said Upper Merion Police Detective Andrew Rathfon.

With minimal culinary training and will to get high, any halfwit with a saucepan can now easily trial-and-error their way through cooking up a batch of the stuff. Nice work, news people.

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