Hot Diggity Putting Its Wieners on Wheels

Hot Diggity's Texas Hold 'Em dog
Hot Diggity's Texas Hold 'Em dog Photo: Collin Keefe

Fresh off blowing America’s mind with Philly Surf and Turf dogs on Travel Channel’s Hot Dog Paradise II, Hot Diggity owner Keith Garabedian is preparing to take his tubed meat mecca on the road. He’s launched a fund raising effort via Lucky Ant to secure the cash needed to get a mobile version of the popular regional hot dog operation rolling. In addition to purchasing the wheels, he’s set milestones for gear, and to commission artist Hawk Krall to mural-ize the wiener wagon’s exterior. He’s also offering a bunch of incentives for the generous hot dog enthusiasts who contribute to the cause, like gift certificates, Hot Diggity t-shirts, Hawk Krall prints, and a chance to have the truck come cater a private event.

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