Holy Guacamole, The New Billy Dec Taco Bar Will Be… Ay Chiwowa!


Have you been waiting for a place to eat tacos and drink till 4 a.m. under the gaze of a mascot dog wearing a Mexican wrestling mask? Of course you have, and Billy Dec is ready to serve your market niche. A while back he bought Martini Ranch, to the surprise of his partner Arturo Gomez, and harnessing the power of social media to guide his destiny, he put a poll up on his blog asking what the hell to do with it. You the people spoke, and the answer was, eat tacos, drink, dog in Mexican wrestler mask. Well, close enough, and now the moment has come to unveil the concept in full. As Ay Chiwowa!’s site puts it, “It was clear with 39 percent of all votes, that a majority of voters wanted to see a play on “dive bar” comfort and accessibility with a Mexican cocktail and food component. And with President Arturo Gomez’s family from Mexico, the team enthusiastically took on the challenge,” including flying Gomez’s father up to consult on tacos. They’re not saying when the opening is likely to be just yet, but they’re hiring here, so it shouldn’t be too far off.