Hinsch’s in Bay Ridge Will Remain Open, Expand Hours

Bring on the jazz.
Bring on the jazz. Photo: emilydickinsonridesabmx's flickr

Scratch this and this, at least for the time-being: Hinsch’s co-owner Roger Desmond says his plans to close the old-school Bay Ridge luncheonette, famous for its burgers and egg creams, have changed. The Brooklyn Paper reports that a deal to sell to a big burger chain have fallen through, so the restaurant will keep pluggin’ away and even shift gears at night in order to appeal to a “younger crowd.” Oldies will be swapped out with jazz, the windows will be shaded for extra privacy and hep-ness, the booths will go BYOB, and the 65-year-old restaurant will roll out a new menu, one that includes Texas meatloaf, and fried chicken and waffles. Yes, there will also be a LaFrieda burger. [Brooklyn Paper, Earlier]