Hinsch’s in Bay Ridge Is Really, Truly Closing in March

So long, patty melts.
So long, patty melts. Photo: emilydickinsonridesabmx's flickr

Hinsch’s, the Bay Ridge luncheonette institution known for its superlative egg creams and small-town vibe, will close permanently on March 1, Brooklyn Daily reports. Co-owner Roger Desmond says ever-escalating costs and the continued loss of old-time clientele are shutting the operation down. “Bay Ridge is more of a fast food kind of place now,” he says, adding that he owns the rights to the name but likely will not reopen elsewhere. “Hinsch’s is passé, I guess.” Are patty melts, lemon rickeys, or egg creams passé? That’s the point, but apparently not enough of New York’s nostalgia tourists agreed. The restaurant closed briefly in October of 2011, but had a reprieve a month later. Last February, the space went on the market again. Save for those dark, egg-cream-less weeks in 2011, Hinsch’s has been in continuous operation since 1949. [Brooklyn Daily, Earlier, Earlier]