Many More Restaurants Facing Consequences From Healthy S.F. Controversy

You can bet these surcharges are going to disappear.
You can bet these surcharges are going to disappear. Photo: ABC 7

Yesterday the City Attorney’s office announced that they’re starting an amnesty program that will require restaurants to pay back a portion of the funds they collected under the auspices of Healthy San Francisco that did not go toward health care. More than 50 restaurant owners are being targeted, though their names have not yet been disclosed, and the city will seek settlements similar to the one reached with Patxi’s earlier this month, in which current and former employees will receive payouts for health care. City Attorney Dennis Herrera estimates that some $5 million, or a third of the money collected via restaurant checks, did not get spent on health care. Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, who was the architect of the Healthy S.F. law when he was a Supervisor, isn’t mincing words about how pissed he is about all this. “Where I come from it’s larceny,” he said in the Chronicle. “Requiring these people to pay restitution is a compromise. If it was up to me, I’d throw them in jail.” [Chron, ABC 7, Earlier]