Great Lake Closing... Moving... Not Talking

Nick Lessins at Great Lake.

Following the breaking story by Ari Bendersky at Crain’s Sunday that Andersonville’s tiny, artisanal pizza place Great Lake would close later this month, Phil Vettel proves to be the first one to get hold of Nick Lessins or Lydia Esparza to ask them what their plans are. And it turns out… "We’re not ready to release that yet," says Esparza. Which would seem to make it clear that Great Lake will be coming back somewhere else… but won’t be opening in a new space shortly after closing in the old space, and may be closed for some months before anything happens. Vettel also speculates that they may close before the very end of the month due to the need to move their large pizza oven. So if you gotta have it one more time, now’s the time to go. [Tribune]