‘The Golden State of Cocktails’ Trade-Show Launching in 2014 in L.A.

Aidan Demarest's "Churro on a Burro"
Aidan Demarest's "Churro on a Burro" Photo: KevinEats

A super-group of mixology-progressives is banding together to give California a cocktail-event that can rival New Orleans’ Tales of the Cocktail. Called “The Golden State of Cocktails,” the inaugural conference is planned to take place over three days starting January 26 of next year. Eater breaks downs the board that will oversee the organization and implementation of this booze-fueled trade-show, which will consist of panels, classes, and demonstrations, including members like San Francisco barman Erick Castro, locals like restaurant owner Bill Chait, Neat owner Aidan Demarest, Mark and Johnny Houston of La Descarga and Harvard & Stone, Bar Lubitsch owner Jared Meisler, and 213 mastermind Cedd Moses, as well as cocktail cognescenti like Simon Ford and Pebble Beach Food & Wine co-founder David Bernahl. Details are still emerging on the three-day event, which promises to highlight California’s contributions to cocktail culture while offering heavy drinkers a more temperate climate for their official business-based benders.